Rodent Damage in the Attic

AttiCare Rodent Control and Rodent Removal Services:

Don’t allow your attic to sustain rodent damage!

Rodents that live in attics cause more problems than just annoying noise. They also cause a number of different types of damage inside an attic, some of which are serious. The photos to the left, show several types of rodent damage in customer’s attics.

Rats have high metabolisms, and they leave many droppings, often thousands, in an attic where they live. These droppings may or may not smell bad, but they are unsightly and they do carry disease that people can contract if they come into contact with the droppings.

Matted Insulation rats run over and inside insulation, and matt it down, reducing the insulation’s R-Value and effectiveness. They also clear out insulation in areas as they collect it for nesting material. Lower insulation of course raises your heating and cooling bills – not that this is your biggest worry if you have a rat infestation.

Rat Grease rats have some sort of brown grease in their fur. This grease also has the pheromone scent. When rats travel the same area over and over, this area becomes stained brown. You might notice the brown staining on the top wooden beam, especially where the gray wire crosses the beam.

Dead Rats of course, rats don’t live very long they often die inside the attic, and when they do; they cause a horrible odor as they rot and decay.

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