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Have pesky rodents made themselves at home in your attic or crawl space? For more than a decade, our technicians at Atticare have offered San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Jersey attic cleaning and rodent control services. Animals can cause damage to your wiring and plumbing, in addition to increasing your chances of sickness as well. They can find their way into your crawl space and attic without you realizing it. Our team at Atticare is able to safely remove dead rodents from your building, clean up after them, and keep them from ever coming back.

We can prevent the following rodents from entering your home:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Bats
  • Raccoons

Menacing Raccoon, Rodent Removal Image - Atticare NJ We will safely remove any unwanted dead animals from your attic and crawl space, make sure they will never be able to return. Once our services are complete we will clean your space so that it looks like there were no rodents present in the first place. Please feel free to contact us at (510) 927-4455 to schedule a free inspection!

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Our Values

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Fastest customer service response time
  • Consistently rated high by customer reviews
  • Guarantee the highest quality of work
  • Best quality products and brands used
  • All service team members are professionally trained and/or certified
  • All insulation used is fire resistant

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