Attic’s Radiant Barrier Installation

Reflect Heat Rather Than Absorb It

If you are located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New Jersey, our team at Atticare installs radiant barriers in homes or businesses. During the summer, your attic becomes extremely hot from the sun’s energy which can result in damage to your air ducts and can cause the temperature throughout the building become unstable. The radiant barrier helps reflect that heat back at the source, keeping your home or business at the temperature it should be. Our team at Atticare will install a radiant barrier in your attic and make sure that even on the hottest days, your attic will remain cool and comfortable.

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There are several key factors to understand about radiant barriers:

  • Reduces the radiant heat from the underside of a roof onto other surfaces in the attic
  • Provides a more comfortable temperature indoors
  • Lowers your energy bills

We will install the radiant barrier in your attic, and make sure that heat does not break through to the rest of the building. Rest assured that the radiant barrier will keep your attic cool in the summer and leave the rest of your property more energy efficient. Please contact us at (510) 927-4455 to schedule a free inspection for any of our services.

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