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Attic Insulation For New Jersey Homes

At Atticare NJ, we're happy to offer full-service attic insulation. During the cold months, air can easily flow between the main part of your house, the attic, and the outside. Proper insulation is the best way to keep temperatures warm and energy bills down.

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Types Of Insulation

Blown In - This type generally consists of an expanding foam material that is blown into the necessary cavities with a large hose. The material is self-expanding and is blown with a high degree of force, allowing installers to easily fill the space behind a finished wall through a small hole. Installation can be completed very quickly, and the material is loose, light, and stable, making it perfect for finished attics.

Fiberglass - By far the most common type of insulation material, it is generally installed either mounted on rolls of paper or blown in via tube. Consisting mostly of reinforced glass fibers, it's well known for its very high R-value and comes in a wide variety of efficiency ratings. It also has the advantage of not settling, which allows it to maintain its effectiveness over time, making it a long-lasting investment. On top of this it is moisture resistant, non-flammable, and sound absorbent.

Cellulose - This is the most environmentally friendly type of material in use. It is also arguably the most efficient kind of material, with a high all-around R-value and unique malleability that allows it to be fitted around pipes and wires. Its high density does a great job of blocking excess airflow and makes it moisture resistant and an excellent noise blocker. In addition, it neither melts nor smokes when exposed to flame, allowing it to retard the spread of fire.

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Upgrade Your R-Value

An R-value is the rating system used to scale the effectiveness of a given type of insulation. This rating is determined by three factors: the type of material, its density, its level of thickness, and a thermal inspection (New Page - Thermal Inspections) is the best way to determine this. Generally speaking, the higher the R-value of your home's attic insulation, the more useful it is for preventing the movement of heat into and out of the area. Your home's rating, however, is not only determined by the type of material you use, but also by the way in which it is installed. When you call us to install your insulation, the increased R-value you get will result in lower electric costs and a warmer house.

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Sound Rated Insulation

The specific material used is the biggest determinant in how much sound vibrates through the walls. Though all insulating materials block out some vibration, rockwool and mineral wool are the most effective for this purpose. We're trained and ready to install these, as well as Sound Attenuation Batts for your home.

If you're a New Jersey resident interested in full insulating your attic, please give Atticare NJ a call today!

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