Ice Dam Prevention for Hudson County, NJ and Beyond

Atticare NJ offers essential ice dam prevention to homeowners, helping you avoid problems such as gutter tears, loosened shingles, and water leaks in your attic.

Image Of An Ice Dam Caused By A Lack Of Attic Insulation - Atticare NJ

Ice Dam Formation

Ice dams are buildups of ice at the edge of roofs and inside gutters. They form when heat from an attic melts snow on the roof. When the water reaches the eaves, or the overhanging edges of roof, it freezes again and begins to accumulate. This forms blockages, or dams, of ice and causes strain to your roof.

Photo Of Snow Buildup Due To A Lack Of Proper Attic Insulation - Atticare NJ

Temporary Ice Dam Prevention

There are several temporary dam prevention methods in case of emergencies.

1. Point a box fan in the direction of the leak on your ceiling. This will blow cool air and could cause the water to freeze in the crack, sealing the leak.

2. Pull off the snow and ice with an ice rake, instantly changing the exterior temperature of the roof without damaging the shingles.

3. Apply heated cables to the roof in a zigzag pattern to equalize the temperature. Be sure to apply these heated cables before bad weather hits.

4. Remove ice from the roof by using deicing chemicals and creating a channel for water to flow down to the gutters.

Picture Illustrating Thermal Imaging Inspection - Atticare NJ

We're Here to Help with Permanent Ice Dam Prevention

Permanent ice dam prevention is a simpler, more efficient way of keeping your roof safe during winter. Proper insulation and air sealing are ways to keep the temperature of your roof the same as the temperature of the eaves. Air sealing the attic is the simplest method, blocking the warm air in the living space from escaping into the attic. This will keep the attic's temperature cooler, causing less snow to melt. This process is simplified by our Thermal Imaging Inspection. Finally, installing a radiant barrier, which is a commercial grade foil, prevents heat from escaping your attic, leaving your roof unaffected by the temperature inside.

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Older homes are increasingly susceptible to ice dams, but we are here to help! We emphasize customer satisfaction, and our service team members are professionally trained and certified to inspect and diagnose your home. Ice dam prevention is just one of the perks of proper attic insulation, and Atticare NJ has the tools and knowledge to help your home get through winter unscathed.

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