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Atticare NJ provides attic cleaning, insulation, and upkeep solutions for homeowners that want to rid attics of accumulated dust, soil, and odor as well as infestation by rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons.

Attic Cleaning Specialists

We return an attic to its original damage-free, clean condition. It starts with removing all waste, old or moldy insulation, and unneeded items stored under the eaves. If desired, we can install plywood on attic floors or ceilings and create a separate storage space.

Insulation Upgrades

New insulation materials of environmentally friendly fiberglass or cellulose can be blown into all attic flooring and cavities using a large hose. Insulation will reduce energy consumption and eliminate potential water damage from roofline ice dams during winter. Additionally, our thermal inspection service locates attic spots where heat escapes, allowing us to target areas in need of sealing.

With ten years of experience, Atticare NJ is a fully licensed and insured insulation contractor. We're top notch in our field because attics are what we do best, and older homes are our specialty. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

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  • Licensed & Insured
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  • Consistently rated high by customer reviews
  • Guarantee the highest quality of work
  • Best quality products and brands used
  • All service team members are professionally trained and/or certified
  • All insulation used is fire resistant

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