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Buying a New Home? Here's Why You Have to Inspect the Attic

When you fall in love with a new home, make sure you get a thorough inspection of the attic before you sign on the dotted line. No matter how much you love the kitchen and can’t wait to decorate the bedrooms, if there is a problem with the attic insulation or vents, then you could be looking at extremely costly repairs. If you’re not convinced that an attic inspection should be part of your home buying process, here are some of the reasons it matters so much.

Inadequate Insulation

If the insulation in the attic isn’t adequate, then you can count on soaring energy bills and uncomfortable indoor temperatures. Insulation helps to keep your heating and air conditioning indoors while protecting you from outdoor temperature fluctuations, and when it is not sufficient, then your HVAC system has to make up for it. If your home inspector determines that the house you’re considering has insufficient attic insulation, then you may need to request that homeowners replace the insulation or offer a lower price so you can pay for new insulation yourself.

Water Damage

The attic can hold signs of water damage that may not yet be visible in other parts of the house. Damage to the wood rafters and supports, mold and mildew growth, and condensation around pipes can all indicate water damage. This kind of attic water damage can cause mold to enter the air ducts of your home and could indicate that there is water damage behind the walls of the house that could go all the way to the foundation.

Rodent Activity

Rodents and squirrels love attics, so your home inspector can look for signs of infestations that may not be readily apparent in other parts of the house. When rodents and squirrels are in your attic, they can also get into your ductwork, allowing fur and any contaminants on it to circulate through the house.

If you have purchased a home that needs an attic insulation upgrade, better attic vents, or air ducts that need rodent proofing in San Francisco, Atticare has a solution for you. Talk to one of our experts today by calling (888) 743-7243.

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