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How Can I Keep Bats Out of My Attic?

No one likes the thought of going up into the attic and encountering a bat, but unfortunately, attic spaces look like the ideal home to any bat that can find a way in. It is much easier to prevent bats from entering your attic than to get rid of them, so taking steps to make your attic is bat-proof could save you a significant amount of time and money in the future.

Like other rodents, bats only need an opening of a fraction of an inch to enter your attic. If you have gaps around vents and windows, holes in boards, or ridge cap shingles, bats likely have a way into your attic. Repairing these entryways is crucial to keeping bats out of the attic. Rodent proofing services, in which these entries are sealed, will not only keep bats away but other pests like rats and mice as well.

At Atticare, we close all rodent entrances and remove any droppings or dead animals that are already in your attic as part of our rodent proofing services. Find out how we can help you ensure your attic is free from infestation by calling our attic cleanup pros near San Francisco at (888) 743-7243.

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