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Blog Posts in August, 2016

What Are Some Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Rodents in Your Attic?

Before you ever see signs of rodents in your attic, it is best to rodent proof it. By rodent proofing your attic, you can ensure that these annoying, and sometimes dangerous, pests never invade your ...
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The Impact of Insulation on Ice Damming

If you have ever experienced an ice dam on your roof, then you know how damaging it can be to your roof and the rest of your home. Ice dams can be prevented, though, and it starts with proper ...
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Common Issues with Attic Insulation

Though attic insulation should last for many years, there is always a possibility that it will fail to deliver the efficiency you have come to expect. There are a few common reasons why your attic ...
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Why You May Need New Rafter Vents

The reason your attic insulation professionals install rafter vents is to allow proper air circulation through the attic. This air circulation allows for excess moisture to escape through the vents. ...
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